JULIA TERTERYAN Dip COT, MSc (Paediatric Occupational Therapy)

Occupational Therapy

Children are referred to occupational therapists when there are concerns about:

  • Motor skills 

  • Visual perception

  • Sensory processing skills 

  • Attention control

  • Handwriting 

  • Self-care skills (dressing, using cutlery, toileting)

  • Organisational skills

Occupational therapists use carefully selected activities to help children develop the motor, sensory, perceptual and organisational skills they need to be independent in everyday activities of self- care, play and school work. 
Occupational therapists will help children master practical skills such as dressing (including fastening buttons, buckles and laces), using tools such as cutlery and scissors effectively, as well as developing handwriting skills.
Some children find busy noisy settings stressful and struggle to concentrate. Occupational Therapists consider how efficiently children process sensory information and consider environmental factors which affect task performance and attention control.

Children’s task performance can sometimes be improved by using adapted furniture or simple equipment (such as pencil grips and writing slopes) and these can be prescribed. 

Occupational Therapists work with children from birth to 18 years. Referrals for Occupational Therapy are made by:

  • Doctors –Paediatricians, General Practitioners and Neurologists

  • Educational Psychologists

  • Clinical Psychologists

  • Teachers 

  • Behavioural Optometrists

  • Physiotherapists

  • Speech and Language Therapists

  • Parents

Following referral, the occupational therapist will arrange an assessment to establish the nature and extent of difficulty. 
Intervention will be recommended as appropriate and discussed with parents.

This may include:

  • Individual therapy at our clinic, or in school.

  • Paired or small group work if appropriate.

  • Home activity programme.

  • School programme.

  • Home programme and regular review sessions.

Julia Terteryan is an experienced paediatric occupational therapist with a long career in the NHS and overseas, prior to starting independent practice in 2001. She believes firmly in early intervention and effective multidisciplinary practice and has worked alongside Wiz Chilton (Physiotherapist) for many years. Julia has established links with many London Day Schools, and provides therapy services within some of these. Julia and her occupational therapy colleagues are committed to providing therapy which is practical and efficient, whilst being fun and motivating for the children who attend. Close collaboration with parents and carers, as well as nursery and school staff, is considered fundamental to ensuring children make the best possible progress.


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