Behaviour and Learning Consultant and Trainer

I am a Behaviour and Learning Consultant and Trainer working both nationally and internationally.  I was the Head teacher of the Centre Academy School from 1996 -2002, which was the first specialist school in the UK for students between the ages of 7-19 specialising in issues related to ADHD, ASD and ODD. I was also Vice Chairman of the UK ADHD Network and of the European ADHD Alliance. Further to my work currently, I am an associate lecturer for Leicester University, the National Association of Special Needs, the Institute of Education and the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre.


In my work as a trainer and consultant, I support schools and school support systems including, Social Services, Health, the Police and Foster carers providing behaviour management strategies for children and families struggling with SEND and behaviour issues.


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I have also written a number of books and published articles on the subject of ADHD, ODD and a range of Learning, Behaviour and Socialisation issues:


  • Cooper P and O’Regan F (2001) EDUCATING children with ADHD: Routledge Falmer Press

  • O’Regan F (2002) How to teach and manage children with ADHD: LDA a division of McGraw- Hill

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  • O’Regan F (2018) Successfully Managing Children ADHD Second edition :Routledge Falmer Press

  • O’Regan F (2020) Supporting behaviour in the classroom: Sage publications limited


Ebooks from


  • O’Regan F (2020) 100 top tips for Supporting Parents with Children with ADHD

  • O’Regan F  (2018) Supporting children with ADHD: Learning Behaviour   


In production for early 2021

  •  Cave S and O’Regan (2021) Attention difficulties: How to help: Pavilion books group: