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The Child and Adolescent Development Centre

With you for the whole journey


The Child and Adolescent Development Centre is a collaborative team of clinical professionals from a range of disciplines including Psychoeducational & Neurodevelopmental Assessment, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Art Therapy and Mental Health. We offer children, young people and families individual or group specialist services crafted to meet each individual's specific needs. Each member of our team also offers individual areas of specialty as our aim is to help you find the support that is right  for your situation.

As we understand the need for a rounded approach to thinking about support at school, at home and in the community, we also work with families, state schools, independent schools, local authorities and child & adolescent services through our Education Support Consultancy. Along with helping you decide which education pathway might be best for your child, we offer bridging support between home and school providing positive and constructive communication to help all involved better understand how to meet your child’s needs. We also offer schools bespoke training and consultancy in a range of areas including neurodiversity and mental health.